FHM Registration Information

Important Pre-registration Information

There are just a few points of interest you will need to know prior to registering for classes.

We accept credit cards for tuition payments.  We will send an invoice to you after receiving your class registration, and you may pay on line.

Class deposits & tuition payments at The Curtain Playhouse are non-refundable.  In extenuating circumstances, a credit for the tuition paid may be granted toward a future class. Once we receive your payment, you are registered and will be guaranteed a place in the class.   If a family has not paid for the class by the class’ start date, the space in the class is forfeited and will be granted to the first student on our wait list.

If a balance is carried on any account without payment being received for 6 months or longer, an interest charge of 1.5% per month will be added to all balances. We do refer accounts over 90 days past due for collections.

Prior to registering for any class, please be sure you are knowledgeable about the content of material. There are scripts or books available at most public libraries for many of the shows we do, and our office is pleased to discuss any issues of content with you. It is YOUR responsibility to know what you are registering for.

Registering for a class constitutes your desire to be a part of the class. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER for any class you are not sure you want to be a part of.

Further Details:

Parents must be responsible for picking up students from class in a timely manner. Please recognize that our teaching staff has other obligations to attend or families to get home to. We expect to wait to accommodate student pick up for approximately 10 minutes after the end of class. After this time, we will assess a charge to your account of $1.00 for each minute you are late picking up. Of course, we understand that emergencies and situations such as lost keys, appointments running late, etc. can happen. We offer a one time grace from this policy. Any funds collected for late pick-up will go directly to the teaching staff who needed to attend the student in question. We will never leave a child, including teenagers, alone at our facilities without express PERSONAL permission by telephone conversation with a parent/guardian. If an emergency arises, contact the teacher for the class directly- contact information is given out the first day of class.

From time to time, we utilize photos taken of our students for brochures and advertising needs and on our website. Your class registration allows us such use without compensation or notification to our families. If you prefer your child’s photo not be used, please inform our office.

The Curtain Playhouse offers a variety of activities outside of classes for our students who are interested in cultivating their theatre experiences. All additional “field trips”, educational trips, social outings, sportswear and additional items are options to our families and are not required.

Participation Waiver:

Due to the inherent risks involved in the variety of activities in which students of The Curtain Playhouse will participate, I recognize and accept that participation in any activities offered by the organization have obvious and necessary risks. By agreeing to this waiver, I state that the child to be named on the registration form is in the proper physical, mental and emotional condition to participate in such activities. I waive right to any and all claims that I may have against the owner(s) of the rental space and The Curtain Playhouse and its faculty, staff or volunteers for any injuries or accidents my child may suffer as a result of their participation. I understand that in the event of an emergency when I cannot be reached, permission is hereby granted to The Curtain Playhouse to secure medical treatment for my child. I give permission for an emergency physician to treat the person named. I accept responsibility for all medical expenses incurred.

CHECK POLICY: If a check is returned by your bank for any reason, there is a fee of $45. If there is a second incident of a check being returned, there is a fee of $75 and checks will no longer be accepted. Replacement funds for checks must be made with secured payment (cash, cashier’s check or money order).

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